The benefits of Nordic Walking are amazing!

The poles encourage better posture and use many more upper body muscles than in ordinary walking. If done correctly it can use 90% of the body's skeletal muscles.

Poles provide lift to make walking easier, less pressure on knee and hip joints.
It can be done at a level to suit all abilities.

It can also be an intense all over body workout for the super fit.
Toning legs, buttocks, chest, shoulders and under arms.

Nordic walking burns 20% more calories than ordinary walking
if done properly.
Classes will provide you with a cardiovascular workout, makes the heart stronger and you will soon feel much fitter,
everyday tasks will become easier.

Walking the Nordic way is not to be confused with trekking.
Trekking poles are different to Nordic Walking poles.
Nordic walking uses a very different technique compared to trekking
and this can only be achieved with the correct instruction and poles.
I will advise you on what poles to use.
These can be bought online or hired at the class.